Startup Repairs & Viruses

Windows Startup repair service

Is your Windows operating system attempting to load repeatedly? Do you now get a blue screen appear when it loads? Are updates failing to install?

System Restore UK Windows Startup repair service will fix these and other problems, so you can access your machine once more.

Virus removal Service

Messages and pop ups appearing? Settings have been changed by themselves? Emails are being sent from your email address that you haven’t sent? Loss of performance?

The System Restore UK Virus removal will clear everything down to the core of your machine, removing any viruses and malware, whilst ensuring your system is protected against further viruses.

Operating Systems

Thinking of upgrading your operating system? Want a fresh install of an existing version of Windows on your computer or laptop? Want to make sure you are using the best version of Windows for your computer? Unsure of your systems compatibility to run Windows 8?

System Restore UK can supply and install all versions of Windows and your system drivers.