System Builder

Needing a new desktop computer? Got a computer at home with all your memories on but the machine does not work? Want something specific to your needs rather than a generic cheap, mass produced unit, off the shelf? System Restore UK definitely has you covered.

Not only do we pride ourself in building the fastest performing computers for your budget, System Restore UK only uses premium components to go inside them. The better the quality of the component, the longer its lifespan. Reliable, high performance, high quality computers built for how you intend to use them, at realistic and competitive prices.

All of our systems are built instore, only use premium grade components from manufacturers such as CoolMaster, Intel, AMD, Gigabyte, Aorus, Asus, Seagate and EVGA to name a few. Our machines run quietly to ensure there are no audible distractions whilst you work, and the lifespan of the machine is extended even further as they run cool. All of our machines also come standard with full cable management, to ensure clear and unblocked airflow, and zero chances of snagging cables.